Hi, I'm Jan Petykiewicz.

I'm a hardware engineer in the Platforms Optics group at Google.

Here's my CV, also for download in [pdf].

(209) 737 384289 5263267


I've worked on nanoscale photonic and optoelectronic devices, focusing on devices for use in for low-power, high-speed on-chip optical interconnects in computers.

My PhD work included strained germanium light-emitters, ultrafast sub-fJ/bit GaAs LEDs, and computer-designed optical devices.

I previously also worked on silicon nano- and micro-wire solar cells as an undergrad at Caltech.

A list of publications is included on my CV (including links to PDFs). Also see Google Scholar.


In my spare time, I write and maintain open-source software packages for CAD and electromagnetic simulation.

Masque, a CAD package for designing lithography masks

Gridlock, a package for 'painting' on coupled nonuniform 3D grids with sub-pixel accuracy (eg. for finite-difference simulations)

opencl_fdtd, a simple and fast GPU-based FDTD electromagnetic simulation framework

opencl_fdfd, a GPU-based FDFD electromagnetic solver

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